Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Coast to Coast 2010 - Day 5

Patterdale to Shap - 9 Aug

You can see Kidsty Pike in the distance on a clear day from The Greyhound at Shap. As I sipped a pint of orange squash and a half pint of Cumberland Ale I was pleased to be looking at that hill, of which the summit is the highest point on The Coast to Coast, from where I was sat rather than the other way round.

I had left Patterdsale at 08:45 and it had taken me three hours to reach the summit, slowed by driving rain and swirling cloud. Visibility was down to fifty yards or less so no chance that spirits might be lifted by the views and not the conditions in which to linger occasionally; it was a day to press on to keep warm. It took an hour to drop down to Haweswater, where I joined other Coast to Coasters, huddled against a wall in the wood, for my Corned Beef & Pickle sandwich, and mug of hot chocolate which I boiled up on the spot and which I shared with Jane & Mark - Coast to Coasters from London with whom I had walked over the Pike with.

In all, it took nine hours to reach The Greyhound, including the twenty minutes or so it takes to walk the length of Shap. Its a tough walk.


Jane said...

It was a great hot chocolate - Thanks Brian!

Unknown said...

It was like the start of a new day (planet even)after Kidsty Pike and our (comfort) break by that wall.

I found it slightly sureal - an after battle moment; we and those around us cold, soaked, resting, munching, adjusting their kit and probably wondering why the h they were doing it.

Great memories!


Jane said...

You've got it absolutely right - it was a bit surreal.
I've got a fab photo that you took of me and Mark at the top of KP. We are drenched!
Keep on with those comfort breaks...