Sunday, 13 September 2009

Norfolk Weekend - Sunday

Last night, when the chap in the pub asked me if he could give Holly his leftover piece of steak I said "Yes, of course!" when I meant the exact opposite. In the split second in which I had to decide, I didn't know how to say "No thanks" without sounding mean, or how to explain why not without seeming to be churlish.

Entering the pub a short while before, I'd scanned the plates of those dining in order to get an idea of the quality of food. The table next to the chap with the steak was free so when I sat down there I could see more clearly what he was eating and I didn't like the look of it. That wasn't my reason for wanting to decline his offer though.

It wasn't the unappealing thought of Holly eating off the carpet that she was stretched out on either, nor was it about her learning bad habits. It was more about what she might do with the offering given her behaviour earlier when I had presented her with a scrap of my treasured crab meat. As far as she was concerned crab meat was just dead fish. And the best thing to do with dead fish is to roll in it, which she did. She didn't want to waste the stuff by eating it. As it turned out, Holly wasn't interested in the steak (or about hurting anyone's feelings). She sniffed and looked the other way. One of the other dogs in the pub was not so fussy though.

No real losers then, plus I was very happy with my Adnams Bitter.

We are home now after a morning spent wandering along the beach towards Sheringham. We had the shore to ourselves for the most part with Holly happy to be splashing about in the cold sea water. My thoughts were tinged with a little sadness and remorse though, reflecting that since yesterday there was one less crab in it.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Norfolk Weekend - Saturday

Fresh crab meat had been on my mind for a while. Since last month in fact, when walkng through Whitby. Now though, I can happily report that said crab meat is off my mind and in my stomach. One unlucky creature having been consumed earlier today in Cromer, Norfolk.

Holly leading the way to Cromer Pier

We - that's me and my dog Holly - are camping midway between Sheringham and Cromer where the balmy peacefulness of a glorious late Summer evening is breaking as fellow campers stir ino life following their afternoon siesta. Thoughts of food no doubt on their minds now as they make plans for the evening.

Holly doesn't know it yet but we head down the coast again shortly. Not as far as Cromer this time though. My appetite for crab meat and a coastal walk has been satisfied. The pint or two of bitter that I now have in mind are closer to hand.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


The proposed Bank Holiday Weekend coastal walk didn’t come off. Events and a shortage of time conspired to keep us at home. There hasn’t been time this weekend either mainly because jobs at home have to take priority. So the proposal is still on my To Do List.

My computer died on the Bank Holiday Weekend. Recently upgraded with a new power supply, increased RAM and an extra hard drive it was bad timing at the very least for it to conk out. No amount of tickling its insides would produce anything more that spinning fans. The predicament was which to replace - the remaining old bits of the PC or the whole computer. After much deliberation I decided, reluctantly, that I would have to fork out for a new one and here I am back on-line at last.

I would never have believed just how much I have come to depend on a computer at home and how much I would miss it when one wasn’t available. I was a lost soul – backpackless in the dark. Normal service is returned now though. I just have to get on top of the garden and housework.