Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dreaming in Hayfield, High Peak

An aim this year is to walk a couple of long distance trails. But because I've become used to local strolls, preparation will  have to include increasingly longer walks to improve fitness. Best get to it I thought. But at the same time, no need to overdo it. Break myself in gently perhaps. And why not begin by dreaming about what I aim to do - and do the hard part later.

And that is what I have mostly been doing this past week - dreaming. Whilst making sure I wasn’t wet, cold, hot, tired, thirsty or hungry during the process - all part of what I can expect later this year if my backpacking dreams and plans come true!

I have just spent a week in cosy Jumble Cottage, Hayfield, Derbyshire. If you want a peaceful place (for one or two) to dream or a base where the hills are just yards away, or both, then I can recommend it as a good spot to stay. And Hayfield, which sits below Kinder Plateau, ticked all the right boxes for me.

Luckily, the weather was kind so I was able to combine some dreaming with walking, mostly after setting out each day along Snake Path heading for Kinder Scout.

 Middle Moor - view north east toward Kinder Plateau

Kinder Reservoir from Snake Path

White Brow where Snake Path leads NE to The Pennine Way