Friday, 18 March 2011

Tattersett, Norfolk

Weathermen/wimin eh! During the course of this week they forecasted: white cloud, then heavy rain, then grey cloud, then heavy rain, for this part of Norfolk today. In the event it's a beautiful, fresh, ever-so-slightly-hazy, spring-like sunny morning (get the picture?). And I'm the only person here at Greenwoods Camping & Caravan Site, Tattersett. Even the owner has legged it.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Lake District - Keswick

Today's theme was "Walk Local" - no car, no public transport. So where better than Latrigg again. It's an easy circular walk (same as Monday), sufficient to get my heart working overtime mind, and the confines of Brundholme Wood on the southern slopes contrast nicely with the wide-open grassy summit.

Brundholme Wood - Latrigg

It was Market Day in Keswick which livened the place up a bit - not that it needs enlivening. There's plenty to see, do, eat and drink, and I did all of that.

Keswick - Market Day

So - there's my day gone. My mini-break too; I head south for home tomorrow.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Lake District - Cat Bells

Another "touristy" walk today but one that took me a bit further and higher.

Wanting to avoid the walk out of Keswick, I got a lift to my start point at Hawes End (Grid NY 24721 21180). A footpath from the road there zig-zags up to Skelgill Bank, levels briefly then drops slightly before continuing up to the summit of Cat Bells at 1480 feet. The views just keep getting better on the way up which is for about a mile. Although it was hazy this morning or was that the steam coming off me.

Cat Bells from Skelgill Bank

Dropping down to the lake (not literally of course) I followed the lakeside footpath which leads to Keswick and which is a section of The Cumbria Way. I know it well having walked it a couple of times before.

Hot soup for lunch in Keswick left me drowsy rather than rejuvenated. So, acting my age, I had a nap on a park bench - sitting upright, chin on chest (you get the picture daughter).

Years ago, the tell-tale signs of eyes glazing over would have alerted a teacher; Action Stations! Run Silent! Wait (hope) for the head to sag then deliver a salvo of chalk, or deploy a black board duster to bring the lad back to double maths.

Today though, I was left in peace.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lake District -Walla Crag

Returning to my B&B from Keswick town centre at night involves walking along a dimly lit road where cars tend to speed. Wise, longer-lived pedestrians will heed the advice given in safety campaigns and take precautions to be seen at night. A white carrier bag (containing my shopping) did the job for me last night. You can't be too careful. I heard about a chap who took it to the limit - white coat, hat, scarf and gloves; white wellies; a newspaper in one hand and white carrier bag in the other. Sadly, the poor guy was run over by a snow plough.

Looking NW from Walla Crag - Bassenthwaite Lake in the distance, Skiddaw top right

There's still some snow here but it's all on the high hill tops; nothing at the levels that I have reached, which today was just over 1200 feet on a five mile walk over Walla Crag. Heading south from Keswick, there's a short sharp final climb up towards the summit and a very steep, rocky descent.

No speeding cars up there to watch out for but you do have to look carefully at where you put your feet on the way down.

Path down from Walla Crag