Monday, 28 February 2011

Lake District - Latrigg

Alfred Wainwright dedicated his book "The Northern Fells" (A Pictorial Guide To The Lakeland Fells - Book 5) to those who travel alone, the solitary wanderers on the fells who find contentment in the companionship of the mountains and of the creatures of the mountains. That'll be me, the solitary wanderer that is, so thanks Mr W. In the book, he describes Latrigg as a grand place, especially for fellwalkers on the retired list. I'm on that list, so thanks for the heads up AW.

Mine was an easy walk today; a circuit of about 6 miles, and then a few laps around Keswick checking out the shops, cafes and pubs. A grand start to a few days in The Lake District.

Keswick & Derwent Water from Latrigg

Friday, 4 February 2011

Norfolk - Day 3

Yesterday's militaristic theme continued today with reveille at 06:00 hours, followed almost immediately by a dog patrol in the woods. Normally we just get up and go for a walk. There were no rabbit (or enemy/member of parliament) sightings so I packed and made ready to move out. It's a straight forward affair but I now have a checklist - a short one containing three important actions:

1. Ensure power cable is disconnected.
2. Ensure skylight is closed.
3. Ensure Holly's water bowl (which sits outside the Grampervan when we are in residence) is packed.

All of which, much to my embarrasment and expense, and others' amusment, I have forgotten to carry out on more than one occasion - hence the checklist. As I get older, and if I remember, I may insert "4. Double check that Holly is on board and not outside, still attached to the rear bumper."

"If you ever drive off with her still attached then you won't need to add that to your list!" I hear you say. Well, I've thought about that and as a precaution have considered removing the rear bumper.

After dawn stand-to, ablutions and breakfast rations we moved out to a location nearby, from where we resumed woodland foot patrols. All was quiet with nothing stirring but the tree tops in the strengthening breeze.

We soon tired of the game and set off for home - our 3-day mission accomplished; impatient for the warmer weather backpacking season to arrive, I had been itching to get out and about and this lazy outing has settled me somewhat. Later this month I'll be heading for the Lake District which will be a bit more challenging. I'l be wearing my civi head too.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Norfolk - Day 2, Later

Ironic, I thought, as I marched peacefully through the forest, that it should be to the accompaniment of the sounds of war. I was at ease though; the small arms fire and explosions erupting on the nearby military training areas wasn't directed at me, and the RAF Tornadoes roaring overhead only LOOKED fearsome.

What was/is disturbing me though is the government's "consultation" on the sale of forests, and the pathetic cut & paste reply I had received from my MP (picked up as an e-mail on my phone during my forest manoeuvres). None of the questions I had asked him regarding the sale had been answered so I guess, like most with peaceful intentions, I'll have to reluctantly prepare for battle.

Image 1: Topical poster.
Image 2: Snowdrops, for me, signify the real start of the new year.
Image 3: Doggy Hell in Watton.
Image 4: Doggy Heaven in Watton.

Norfolk - Day 2 Morning

I'm not keen on Ready Brek for breakfast at home, yet love it when camping/campervaning. Sometimes it's best not to closely examine why you enjoy things - even the smaller issues in life such as Ready Brek. It's best just to enjoy, which I did this morning - twice, with two helpings of hot sweet Ready Brek for breakfast.

That was preceeded by coffee - something else I prefer when outdoors; I start my day with tea at home. Lyons do "Original Blend Fresh Ground Coffee in a One-Cup Bag". Even opening the green foil bag is a joy as the aroma escapes.

We're going to walk along The Peddars Way today. It's an easy to follow straight-line route where I expect to enjoy, but not think too deeply about, the little things.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Norfolk - Day 1

I'm at the Camping & Caravan Club's site in Thetford Forest (Grid TL 940924 - 3/4 mile west of Great Hockham) where it's deathly quiet, darkly dark and flat. Very flat.

We wandered around the woods today. More of the same tomorrow, enjoying the flatness.