Monday, 9 August 2010

Coast to Coast 2010 - Day 4

Grasmere to Patterdale - 8 Aug.

It made a great change to set off in fine weather this morning, and for a walk where there are alternative routes along the way. The first choice was at Great Tongue where I turned north east . Both paths reconnect just short of Grizedale Tarn. Another decision needs to be made at the tarn's northern end. I chose NE again, climbing over St Sunday Crag into the clouds emerging along Birks to fantastic views over Ulswater.

Grasmere to Patterdale is about eight miles. It's a journey that would have been a struggle for me on Day 1. Today though, my recovery rate is significantly improved and going "upstairs" for an hour or two is much easier too. Amazing.

I'm hoping that the magic will continue as it is a long day tomorrow; sixteen and a half miles or so to Shap where I leave The Lake District but will be tempted to turn back. There's great walking here as well as good beer (Patterdale Choice Bitter today) and friendly walkers with whom to pass the time of day with.

Image: Ulswater, from Birks.


J_on_tour said...

I suppose it's always a difficult decision choosing this option on a long distance walk. The photograph proves it was worthwhile, Grizedale valley can be a bit tedious, i find, amongst other great sights.

David A said...

So Brian ... Shap to Kirkby Stephen on 10th Aug by any chance? Hope the weather was kind to you as I recall it being very wet when I was there. Good fish & chips at KS though. When you safely navigate yourself off Nine Standards and through the peat to Upper Swaledale, Ravenseat Farm is a welcome sight as the farmer's wife does refreshments. and if you are really lucky, one of her little boys may invite you to go and see his Peacocks!!! Keep going ...

PS. Keld Lodge - good beer and great food (crumble & Custard was memorable!) and welcome escape from the midgies if you are camping!!!