Monday, 16 August 2010

Coast to Coast 2010 - Day 11

Richmond to Danby Wiske - 15 Aug

The whole community had turned out to greet us and the band was playing when we arrived at Danby Wiske. It was a party atmosphere on a hot summer's day, around the green next to the pub. Truly.

Well, all true except for the bit about greeting us. The inabitants of the very small hamlet were celebrating the new landlord and lady's first anniversary at The White Swan, rather than our arrival. Nevertheless, we received a very friendly, well oiled welcome.

There's a well maintained camping field at the back of the pub with a decent, modern toilet and shower (50 pence pieces), outdoor hot water washing sink and clothes line, nicely mown level lawn where tent pegs can be easily driven into the ground. It's quiet too, if you are as lucky as we were with considerate Coast to Coasters either side of us.

There is little food on offer in the pub. However, you can order a takeaway (Chinese, Indian or pizza, to be delivered) and the landlady, who will offer you the menus and the use of their phone, will lay a table for you. Breakfast is available to order too.

Oh - the walk! An easy, enjoyable14 miles along well beaten paths and quiet country roads. Just what I needed with minimal navigation, leaving more time to chat with Bryn.

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