Saturday, 4 July 2009

A Walking Phone

I’ve got a new mobile phone. It’s a posh one.

Mobile phones are not really my thing. Issued with one at work several years ago, it’s a lifeline should there be a problem when lone-working. That has been the purpose of my own personal similar device. Selfishly, for use at my convenience when needs be; not for anyone to contact me. So my mobile phones are normally switched off until I need them.

As I recall, I have only ever sent two text messages. That was done under instruction from my 10 year old Granddaughter. And I’ve forgotten how to since then. My Daughter assures me that once I start texting then I’ll wonder how I ever made do without it. “What?” I think. “Like car windscreen washers, non-stick pans & e-mails.” Hmmm. Perhaps. Mind you I didn’t see the point of canned shaving foam when it became available. [Caveman, about his wife, to his friend: “She calls it a hat! But it’ll never catch on.”] So what do I know?

My new personal phone, a Nokia 5800, isn’t primarily for texting though. As well as calls in and out, it’s for internet access and blogging on the move. It’s more a walking phone than a mobile phone. In camera mode I will be able to upload images to this blog. And combining camera with phone seemed an obvious way to reduce rucksack weight by a few precious ounces. Gayle (we’ve not been introduced so I hope she won’t mind me talking about her) in her blog of 1st July makes a convincing case for taking a camera though so I’m not so sure now.

Texting and packing a camera; something to think about.

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