Monday, 13 July 2009

The Cumbria Way - Day 1

13 July 2009

Ulverston to Coniston - 15.5 miles

Niggling thoughts about what I may have forgotten and qualms about my knee (which has been giving me trouble) faded gradually as I made my way north from Ulverston this morning. Arthur (Brother-in-Law) had dropped me at the start of The Cumbria Way after breakfast where a short time before he and Bernice (Sister) had sung "Val deri, val dera, with a knapsack on my back" together.

The rain that had been forecast didn't fall - it's been a fine, warm day. The crowds of tourists that I had pessimistically expected didn't turn up - it was mainly just lots of cows and sheep, and me. And ever improving scenery. It has been a great start to my walk.

The locals turn out to greet me

Highlights of my day have been: stopping a pace short of a snake basking in the sun - it slithered away as I tried to take a photo; a sparrow hawk a couple of yards away studying me from its perch in some bracken; and now this - an Internet Cafe in Coniston where I can get no network connection on my mobile phone.

I'm in an excellent B&B - Lakeland House, which is also an Internet Cafe - a new experience for me. A dash though before my time runs out.

The next three nights I camp out. Before that though I'll be spending the evening in the pub round the corner which is also the brewery. Steak I think and a pint or two of bitter.

And now I remember. I did forget something - it was the half bottle of fresh orange juice that I was going to have with my breakfast at Bernice and Arthur's.


Alan Sloman said...

Good luck with the weather, Brian.

It's a fine walk.

Unknown said...

Thanks Alan. Was lucky until this morning. Bucketing it down as I left the camp site at Dungeon Ghyll and more so as I went over Stake Pass. Served to cool me down though.

Brian (From an internet newsagents in Keswick. Off for a pint now.)