Tuesday, 30 June 2009

At the Gym

It’s a struggle going to the gym.

I didn’t attend at all last week. Various appointments, work and otherwise, conspired to keep me away [Prodnose: “Yeah, yeah. Excuses, excuses.”] but I’m determined to put in as many appearances as possible during the coming month [Prodnose: “Manana methinks …” Me: “HUSH!”]. Getting fit enough to walk the walk was one of the aims listed in my first post on this blog. It’s the vital preparation. There was a time when I could get fit and improve stamina on the go. Not now though. I remind myself I’ll not make it let alone enjoy the trek if unfit, so I need to get on with it. [“Prodnose: I’ll believe that when I s……” Me: “Enough!”]

Why is it a struggle? Well, my more affordable Off-Peak membership limits attendance times and to weekdays. I have to fit the sessions into my working day between noon and 2 o’clock, and around the other things that have to be done during that period. And, the fact is, I don’t really enjoy working out.

A session is about 40 minutes in the gym and 15 minutes in the pool. The swim is more a wallow to cool me down but there is movement. It’s a struggle all the same.

Prodnose: A Beachcomber character; favourite reading for me as a schoolboy.


Alan Sloman said...

It's all getting closer, Brian! Well done - the weight has fallen off, the pack is featherweight and now you will be all fit & raring to go.

Well done, fella!

Unknown said...

Thank you Alan - your comments are much appreciated.

Twelve days from now I should be in Coniston at the end of Day 1 of my "Dress Rehearsal" - The Cumbria Way. I'll raise a glass to you there.