Thursday, 16 July 2009

The Cumbria Way - Day 4

16 July 2009

Keswick to Caldbeck - 15 miles

Someone sat on my spectacles last night (no names but his initials are Brian Cowling) bending the frame and forcing a lens from its fitting. Luckily, I found an optician in Keswick who was able to repair them.

Given that I was in town and that the shops were open, I couldn't resist the urge to vist the George Fisher shop; they have all sorts of outdoor goodies. I now have some new lightweight tent pegs. All of this caused a late start to today's walk.

Dinner at Throstle Hall Farm, Caldbeck

I'm tucked up in my tent now sheltered from the light, drizzly rain and set for an early night. I ate "in" earlier deciding to give the pub, which is just down the road, a miss. I'll have more time for that tomorrow, in Carlisle.

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