Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Cumbria Way - Day 2

14 July 2009

Coniston to Dungeon Ghyll - 12.5 miles

Dinner at The Black Bull in Coniston last night was just what I needed. Mind you, I wouldn't have been a good judge of its quality; I was ravenous and ready for anything as long as it wasn't moving.

The B&B was just what I needed too. They provide "Breakfast to Go" for those wanting an eary start - which I did this morning. Intending to get the miles under my boot I soon found that my state of mind had changed; yesterday I was focussed, mainly, on getting from "A" to "B"; today I'm much more laid back. I've had a gentle dawdle with no particular rush to get anywhere, enabling me to take in the ever-improving rugged scenery.


I'm typing this in the early afternoon at The New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel. There is a pot of tea before me with cake and there's half a bitter to follow. I am within half a mile of The Dungeon Ghyll Old Hotel where I'm hoping they can provide me with some more of the Coniston Bluebird Bitter that I quaffed last night. I have all the time in the world and haven't decided yet whether or not to stay at the nearby campsite as planned or go on. It's a glorious day and I fancy some more walking.

I'd like to find a public phone in order to send this to the blog. Another reason for a halt at the next pub; they may have one - there continues to be no Virgin/T-Mobile network coverage in this area.

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