Friday, 10 July 2009

The Cumbria Way - Before

On Sunday I drive to Cumbria and then on Monday set out on The Cumbria Way - a 70 mile route from Ulverston to Carlisle which I plan to walk over a 5 day period.

I don’t really know what to expect which is as it should be. I’m not familiar with the Lake District so this walk, which runs through the middle of it, should give me a good overview. Or perhaps that should be an "under view" because the path keeps, where it can, to the lower ground. There are a couple of high points though (Stake Pass and a contour of High Peak) and I believe the whole route has 10,000 feet of ascent.

Apart from it being a holiday in the Lake District, this is the conclusion of my preparations for The Cleveland Way walk with Bryn in August. This is my dress rehearsal.

Getting me and my kit ready for walking has been a challenging yet enjoyable journey in its own right. Reservations about my preparedness at this stage centre on fitness and technology; my knees aren’t performing properly and I’m not confident with my mobile phone or about mobile blogging yet.


James said...

Good Luck with the Cumbrian Way, hope you have a camera for some decent photos!


Brian Cowling said...

Thank you for your good wishes James. Best of luck to you and your mates too.

Still undecided on whether to take a camera or not. Weight, or lack of it on your back, you will find, is important.