Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The Cumbria Way - Day 3

15 July 2009

Dungeon Ghyll to Keswick - 15 miles

In his book, Cumbria Way, Paul Hannon describes my route today as passing through the very heart of Lakeland, leaving Langdale by way of a splendid mountain pass, followed by a magical walk along a green floor of Borrowdale and by Derwent Water. He sums it up perfectly. i would add though, that in my case, I found it hard going.

Leaving the camp site at 06:15, it was still raining hard as I struggled over Stake Pass and then picked my way along the boulder strewn path alongside Langstrath Beck.

Langstrath Beck - looking north

I was a fully laden boat labouring in stormy weather. Sirens were guiding me though, beckoning me to Keswick. The Sirens were two pasties; one a Cornish, the other a Steak & Gravy. I knew this for certain because they had tempted me before. And they knew that I wanted to devour them. It is what drove me on - through the rain and over the rocks to Keswick before someone else could get their sticky fingers on them.

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