Saturday, 27 November 2010

Test - Memory Map Image

Test to show a memory map image from my PC.

North York Moors. 1:25,000 scale. Blue overlay adjacent to route taken. Click image to enlarge.


Alan Sloman said...

Yes! That seems to work. It really does help having the maps on the blog. Looking forward to millions of them now, Brian

J_on_tour said...

I have been struggling with trying to find a way of putting a route marker on a map for months since the time I saw this post and it has the computer pro's beat in the Apple shop that i deal with too. Is this a program that you had to buy?

Unknown said...

I use Memory Map which is installed on my PC (as well as the Memory Map GPS device).

A route (blue line on my test pic) can be plotted on the map whilst on the PC. A "Print Screen" (Ctrl+Print Screen), can be pasted into Windows Paint, then edited (fiddly job) and saved as a jpg file for use as an image on the blog.

It's effective but I'm sure that there must be better way. Techies don't always have the answers though.

Hope that makes sense.