Sunday, 26 December 2010

In my Christmas (Walking) Stocking

Confining a blog to wittering about walking limits writing at a time of the year (especially this record-breaking cold, snowy end of the year) when the weather puts me off the longer walks worthy of a report. And it feels like a double whammy when I'm not walking and writing.

However, three items in my Christmas stocking give me the opportunity to break blogio silence; a mini torch, a book and a gas lighter.

The Maglite Solitaire, a one AAA cell torch (about 25 grams without its presentation box) isn't a serious walks torch but it'll bring the weight of my pack down next summer. Or, possibly on serious walks, it could be a useful addition at night, back from the pub, at the tent looking for my bigger torch.

Anything that improves my navigation skills has to be welcomed. Skimming through the pages of Finding Your Way Without Map or Compass (Harold Gatty, originally published in 1958), Chapter 4 caught my eye; Walking in Circles - I've been pretty good at that already.

The Silverpoint Jet Flame Lighter is like a mini blow torch. I like the blurb on the pack - "Burns at any angle". I can confirm that that is true; lighting candles around the house was never easier. Candles can of course be carried in a backpack as emergency lighting (for a light refreshment too - sorry, couldn't resist that). It's a solid, heavy thing that feels very comfortable and nice to hold. I think this lighter will find a more permanent place in my camper van.

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