Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hazelhead Moor

There was a look in Holly's eye, as I got ready for a night out in downtown Thornton-le-dale, that said "I'll stay. Bring me something back pLLease" but I ignored it. On this cold, dank, foggy (Tuesday) evening few would want to venture out but I could see her stretched out by the log fire at The Buck Hotel. And so we went and she comandeered the hearth.

Earlier today we'd left the Grampavan at the Saltergate Carpark - beside the A619 overlooking the Hole of Horcom (as the crow flies, about 6.5 miles NNE of T-le-Dale) whilst we walked a 4 mile circuit of Hazelhead Moor.

It's not a high moor but sufficiently so to be above today's mist, which lingered all day in some areas, and to keep us in bright sunlight. We had fine views from the bridleway which runs along Saltergate Brow in an overall north eastern direction to Whinny Nab and down to the Malo Cross. A footpath goes south from there to a track which connects with Old Wifes Way. That heads northwest and back to the A169.

I can see all that on my Memory Map device. I have yet to work out if and how to reproduce the image here - the way that others do so admirably on their blogs. Laters though, when it's warmer.

Pictures: Blakey Topping from Whinny Nab; Malo Cross


J_on_tour said...

You paint a good picture in the hotel. and it sounds like an ideal walk. I will watch with interest your map image progress as this is something I have been asked about before, I'm always 5 years behind everyone else I know with gadgets.

Alan Sloman said...
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Alan Sloman said...

Sorry Brian - the deleted comment was mine - I was trying to be clever and put a map in the comments section - but it didn't work!

We need a techie to help!

Unknown said...

Thanks anyway Alan.

Many thanks to all others who have commented. Apologies for not replying individually and fully but amazing as this technology is, it frustratingly usually times out before I can despatch a reply. This my third attempt.

Regards, Brian