Sunday, 11 May 2014

South West Coast Path - Day 8

Sat 10 May - Woolacombe to Braunton

I'm carrying the AZ Adventure SWCP 1:25,000 OS Map which is a strip/booklet map. Book 1 covers Somerset and North Devon in a very handy size because it fits nicely in the smaller Ortlieb weatherproof holder. It's easier to turn pages on a wet and windy day (as it was at times today) than it is to refold a sheet map, and it's lighter too.

A map is a must of course but it also creates greater interest of the surrounding area. However, signage on the SWCP is excellent.

Here in North Devon some finger posts even have a small engraved plate displaying the grid reference of that location.

The nature of the path varies according to the geology. Noticeable differences today are the sandy beaches, sand dunes and broad grassy hill tops -  not many of those though. Over the 15 miles of this section there is only 1225 feet of ascent. (Did I just say "only"?)

I probably walked nearer 12 miles having taken a short cut, avoiding a southern loop down to the estuary of the Rivers Taw and Torridge. Another good reason to carry a map.

[Image: Looking back towards Woolacombe Sands - through the rain]

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J_on_tour said...

It's great to try out different maps that work rather than struggling to turn and fold it in a strong wind.

I have inspired a few people new to walking, including someone in the last month, to try out the Footprint range. They do a range of publications that vary from a set of 16 or so walks in a scenic area to long distance footpaths. OK, it's not quite the same as an OS map but it simplifies crags and rocks where the footpath is difficult to follow on the map.

Sam Anderson said...

Yeah, I know how important a map is for a walking trip because it helps you make your walking easier and find the short courses to explore maximum in minimum time. Wonderful! airport parking manchester