Tuesday, 6 May 2014

South West Coast Path - Day 3

Mon 5 May - A field to Lynton

I sometimes feel a strong craving for something when walking. Today it was ice cold fruit squash. At my first point of call at Lynmouth this afternoon they had none, nor at the second. The third did but no ice and it was disgusting. Their bacon and tomato sandwich and two pots of tea hit the spot though so we parted friends.

It was a hard walk - only about 7-8 miles but a roller coaster route. And breakfast hadn't amounted to much after a poor nights sleep. I thought I'd chosen a sheltered spot to pitch my tent but it wasn't when the breeze changed direction and increased it's force. I was concerned that we would be blown away but we stood our ground, both flapping in our own way.

I have found perfect accommodation in Lynton - Southcliffe B&B, where hosts, David & Ceri provided a lovely roast pork dinner with all the trimmings. A good choice - I couldn't have handled lamb. Now I've got a lovely double bed firmly set on the floor.

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J_on_tour said...

Nice that you got that double bed after a hard walk.
My gripe at the moment is the single occupancy business rate (in a single room in some cases too) even though there'll be no-one in that room. Hopefully you'll have some success on that one at the very short notice you give

Unknown said...

Sorry to hear you nearly got blown away and it's great to hear you've found a good B&B. I'd imagine that was well needed after that hard walk! Don't forget to look out for more lambs in need!

Unknown said...

J - Yes, agree. Not a problem so far. Plenty of vacancies. Locals are blaming it on close proximity of Easter and two bank holidays. Suits me.

Gary - Yes, I'll look out for them. Got to keep them safe until we can eat them. Hi to L, R, C & R.

Sam Anderson said...

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