Tuesday, 6 May 2014

South West Coast Path - Day 2

Sun 4 May - Porlock to a field.

It might seem odd that the first real contact with the sea when following this coastal path (unless toes were dipped at Minehead) is on the approach to Porlock Weir, where the path is in fact the pebble beach which leads into the hamlet.

From there it feels like mostly upwards, through pleasant woodland and past sheep-filled fields. Many fields and lots of sheep.

I found one lamb stuck up a tree! Having rescued the cuddly creature, it was heart-warming to see it belt away, when released, to it's mum for a swift half of milk.

Like I said - I'm dawdling, and today I'd had enough after 5-6 miles so I pitched my tent (Shangri-La 1) in a field, unseen by anyone I think except sheep. One of whom detached itself from the staring flock to more closely check me out. Returning it's stare, I recited:

"Mary had a little lamb,
She ate it with mint sauce.
So everywhere that Mary went
The lamb went too of course."

The Recce Platoon's detached sheep seemed to get the message and immediately reported back to Flock HQ and I wasn't bothered again.

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J_on_tour said...

Picture same size a yesterday for your info

Unknown said...

J - Thanks. Much appreciated. Regards, Brian.

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