Tuesday, 13 May 2014

South West Coast Path - Day 10

The magic of the SWCP disappeared for me when the sea on my right became estuary and the hills ahead levelled out. The path between Braunton and Westward Ho! will bring variety to the longer distance walker but it is not a route that particularly appeals to me.

So after a semi-idle day in Barnstaple today, I'm heading back to Minehead by trains and bus tomorrow and will make my way home on Wednesday.

I've covered modest distances hampered somewhat by a dodgy left knee. I had treatment for it earlier in the year when for a time I wasn't able to walk at all. It seems the knee needs more time or treatment to mend.

There are inspirational words by Charles Kingsley in his "Westward Ho!" which make me want to pick up this path again from there ...

"To landward all richness, softness and peace; to seaward, a waste and howling wilderness of rock and roller, barren to the fisherman and hopeless to the shipwrecked mariner."

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J_on_tour said...

One thing I've learned about walking is there are no prizes for doing everything yesterday as it were, it's about the enjoyment of being able to drink it in. Look after yourself and no doubt you'll be here again for the next stage.

PS that's a wonderful building, the only time I was in Barnstable was in my rail rover days (september 89) and I never had time to take a proper look around to see this. I guess a lesson I've learned that takes me full circle back to the start of this comment.

J_on_tour said...


Further to a question on my blog you asked, not sure if this link is what you are looking for.

Brian Cowling said...

Thanks J.

That's just the sort of thing I was taking about. I'm away from home again at the moment but I'll check it out on my return.

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