Saturday, 10 May 2014

South West Coast Path - Day 7

Fri 9 May - Ilfracombe to Woolacombe.

Today's route was about seven and a half miles. With just over 2,000 feet of ascent it's graded moderate and strenuous and it took me nearly five hours - the hills and a pub off-route at Lee slowing me down among other things, as well as conversations.

A lone walker's walk is not necessarily a lonely one. There are remote stretches on this path giving rise to solitude but, in fine weather at least, there tend to be opportunities for conversations along the way.

Today was typical; chats with two separate dog walkers, a long discussion with a lady sowing wildflower seeds in a border outside her garden wall, and several other interesting, and just as important cooling down periods whilst passing the time of day with others. Including the lady at the Woolacombe Tourist Information who phoned around and booked my b&b for the night.

That was good news. The weather forecast wasn't/isn't good and a night under canvas wasn't appealing.

There are lots of eating places here in Woolacombe (locals call it Wooly) and I have successfully fueled up. Off to bed now, hopefully for some peace and quiet.

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J_on_tour said...

Nice to catch up with some local people out and about.
I love how you always capture the spirit of a post in one photo. It's an art you've got.

Unknown said...

Thanks again J.

I'm using my camera for the images.

Photography is so much easier with digital nowadays but old habits die hard; I try to make each shot count as I would have in the days before and during 35mm when exposures were limited.



Sam Anderson said...

You are great Brian. I can't believe that you walked for five hours on a hill and it looks like you are crazy after walking up the hills. Great! Manchester airport cheap parking