Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Castlerigg Stone Circle - 21 March 12

I guess that most people will have heard of Stonehenge but I reckon that far less (or should that be fewer) know of Castlerigg Stone Circle. I checked it out today after noticing information about it last year. First thing this morning I had it all to myself. Fascinating stuff. Mind you, not a great deal is really known about the circle. One of life’s mysteries, like: is it only the labels that are made in China? And, how come most people never tire of having the exact same breakfast every day, but would object to eating the same set meal daily at other meal times? Just a thought.

In contemplative mood I wandered toward and over Walla Crag, down to Derwent Water and back into Keswick.

The sun shone this afternoon. Deckchairs were dusted off and sat on outside caravans and campervans. People chatted. Dogs stretched out. And I, unsociably, closed the curtains and had a nap. That set me up nicely for 2.5 pints in the Dog and Gun this early evening in good company. The place is regularly packed. What a great pub.

Tomorrow, Thursday, I head off to the campsite at Hartsop. My endeavours will be slightly more adventurous. I say again, slightly! Regrettably, sort of, communications will not be as good over there so I’ll not be blogging again until after I return home – Tuesday of next week.

In the meantime, here’s my theme song (pinched by a certain car maker) to power me up the fells. Pump up the volume ...


QDanT said...

Hi Brian, Castlerigg to yourself, I’m envious I’ve snuck in at obscure times (like a wet Tuesday morning in winter) only to find it akin to Blackpool on a bank holiday !
You say most people have heard of Stonehenge have you heard of this :-
cheers Danny

Unknown said...

Hi Danny,

Hadn't heard of that circle. Nice to know that they're still being built!


J_on_tour said...

A great walk you chose there Brian on your return route.
Even less people have heard of the mini Kinniside stone circle which you may have been near on your coast to coast to walk.

Michael Bott said...

Hi Brian

You might like this video:


Michael Bott

Unknown said...

Thanks Danny, Michael.

If I'm not careful, I tend to walk in circles naturally :-)