Monday, 12 March 2012

It's only me

Ladybirds were promenading around the mint patch in my garden yesterday, the warm weather tempting them out of hibernation. “Who knows” I wondered, “do they have sweet dreams as we do, and thoughts of what they’ll get up to when they’re active again?” Juicy aphids and other ladybirds are all that occupy their minds I’d guess.

It may have seemed that I have been hibernating too. Not so, just busy. Regrettably, I cannot claim to have walked far, restricted by duties at home and a lovely dog that, in her dotage, struggles after half a mile and so prefers just a short stroll, meeting and sniffing.

If all goes well I'll get time off next week though; Holly goes to a rest home (my sister’s abode) and I have a week to myself to amble around the Lake District. I haven’t decided where exactly yet but something casual is required, sufficient to blow away (wash more likely) the cobwebs, and oil my innards. This will also be pre-preparation for the only other item on my walking calendar at the moment - The West Highland Way in late May.

In the meantime, and as usual, it’s always good to read others’ blogs, for which I thank the many, including Dawn and Al because I particularly like to follow a daily, well-written and interesting LEJOG blog.


J_on_tour said...

Hi Brian, just thought I'd thank you for putting on a post that seems like a peaceful oasis.

Similarly life for me is busy & difficult at the moment (latest update in my last comments section).

I look forward to your West Highland way. I shared accommodation with West Highland Way walkers at the fabulous Ewich House (just north of Crianlarich) for doing other mountain activities back in 2010.

Unknown said...

Thanks J.

I'd noted your situation. Caring can be a tough job - I wish you well.