Monday, 10 October 2011

Leeds and Liverpool Canal Walk - Day 6

Blackburn - Chorley (12 miles)

My target today was Bridge 76A. Although just beyond the turn-off point from the canal into Chorley, 76A is special. Apart from it being the likely end of my canal walk, the bridge and I share a name, it being The Cowling Bridge. Something else we shared on the day too - we were both, errr - clean, through to the skin/metal, washed by the constant rain.

It's a twenty minute walk from the canal into Chorley town centre. A decent town centre - modern, with a covered market, an interesting mix of shops, pubs, restaurants, etc, and a Booths supermarket - a quality store in my opinion and a bonus point for Chorley. Things were on the up after the disappointments of Burnley and Blackburn.

It got better though. My B&B for the night, a 10 minute walk from the town centre, is totally excellent. All it says on and more. Plus it is within 200 yards of a great restaurant which has a pub either side of it. Now THIS is what I'm talking about.

I have one scheduled walking day remaining but I'm finishing here - on a high. Wigan became my expected last (canal) port of call (although never my intention, two more days at my pace and I would have reached Liverpool). The relentless rain is taking the fun out of this stroll though.

Luckily for me, Chorley has a direct rail service to south Cumbria where I left my dog and van. I'll blog again on Sunday. I've whinged a bit here so an apology may be in order, plus, I'd like to mention one most excellent item of kit that I carried.

Image: The Cowling Bridge, Chorley.


Alan Sloman said...

That's rotten luck with the weather Brian. Hope it clears up for you (especially as I am heading up north for a break today!)

Word = "awaye" they know, you know...

John J said...

Good heavens Brian, you've stuck at it more than most would - the weather's been truly awful up here....not like darn sarf where Alan is!.

I've really enjoyed following your walk, it's just a shame it's going to be curtailed.


TrevorW­čÜ┤ said...

It's been good following along with you on this canal walk Brian.....

Constant rain can take the fun out of almost any activity, as I have only too often found out.


J_on_tour said...

Sorry to hear that you cut it short, but there is only so much that a man can take !

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments folks. Always good to know you're being watched and read.


AlanR said...

What a shame about the weather.
I have done a few canal walks this year and i have been amazed at just how many long standing pubs have closed along the way. Well known haunts for us walkers and narrow boatmen are becoming few and quite far in between.