Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Inn Way Northumberland - Day 6

16 May: Alwinton - Rothbury (14 miles)

Any regrets about not walking the Wooler to Alwinton section of The Inn Way were diminished somewhat when looking back in that direction shortly after setting off from Alwinton. That leg traverses the National Park. I had avoided the higher ground but more to the point, by the looks of it, I'd skirted some unpleasant weather too.

The final day's route echoes the first in that it shadows the River Coquet over fields, through the odd wood and along quiet country roads. Easy stuff this. It still leaves me puffing though. However, after five days walking I just recover more quickly.

Lady's Well (above), south east of Harbottle and a quarter of a mile short of Holystone, is a nice recovery spot. Countless others will have used it before me as it was once a watering place beside the Roman road from Breminium in Redesdale.

I head for home tomorrow, via Hadrian's Wall for a couple of hours lookabout/marchabout, and south Cumbria where I'll collect my dog. I'll round off my thoughts about this enjoyable, short trek in a few days time.


QDanT said...

cheers Brian,what was the best beer and the best pub ? never mind the walk !

J_on_tour said...

I enjoyed your walk, look forward to the next one ... & hearing about that pub.

Unknown said...

Danny, J,

See my comments on final post on this series.



Chantal said...

Hi Brian
Loved your blog on the Inn Way Northumberland. I am planning to walk this in the summer, but can't get hold of the book. Mark Reid said that he will not be printing anymore due to costs etc. So as I found your blog, I thought I would ask if you had a book of this walk that you would like to sell? Or if you knew where I could get hold of one? Many thanks, Chantal

Unknown said...

Hi Chantal,

Wish I could help but I loaned the book to a friend who lost it (en route). In a pub, naturally.

You may be able to get help/info from

http://www.ldwa.org.uk/ldp/members/show_path.php?path_name=Inn+Way...+to+Northumberland via their forum. Not a substitute for the book I know but as an LDWA member you could download a route file for a gps device.

Best that I can do I'm afraid.

Good luck and Regards,