Friday, 6 May 2011

The Inn Way Northumberland - Before

There are still a few days before the off but loud and clear in my head it's "Here we go, here we go, here we goooo .... "

"The Inn Way to Northumberland" is one of a series of walks devised by Mark Reid. His guide book (which is being revised, for publication in August this year) describes a 94 mile circular walk from Rothbury. The route follows the Coquet Valley to the sea, heads north along the coast, then west and south to and over the Cheviot Hills. There are lots of watering holes along the way. Lots.

Except for Bed & Breakfast on the first and last night in Rothbury, nothing is fixed or booked. So I will be as free (and possibly as relaxed) as a newt. I'll be carrying a tent and some rations but Northumbrian hospitality, accommodation, food and drinks may prevail.

There I'll go, there I'll go, there I'll goooo ....


Anonymous said...


I've done "The Inn Way to the Yorkshire Dales", a lovely walk it is too.

Good luck on the walk.


Philippa Goodwin said...

Just read this post and seen you have the aftermath of it posted up now! Will be interesting to see how many days you did the walk in. I did it in 3 days last time I tried, but I was a bit younger then!

Unknown said...


With so much to see, six days felt like a rush to me. The time when I could have made it in three have long gone.