Friday, 13 May 2011

The Inn Way Northumberland - Day 2

12 May: Felton - Alnmouth (13 miles)

A diverse selection of scenery over such a short distance today.

Farmland on the first section, between Felton and Warkworth via Guyzance, changes from livestock to agricultural; sheep and cattle replaced by cereal crops. Between Warkworth and Alnmouth it's coastal with sand dunes, golf courses and a wide, sandy (and today, an almost deserted) beach.

Under foot there are changes too; some country roads, a metalled cycle track and sand - sea water as well if you fancy it.

At walkworth there is a most attactive castle (a chequred history but first built in 1150), an excellent cafe and five pubs - I had time to sample the Jenning's Cumberland Ale in The Black Bull.

There are five pubs in Alnmouth as well although you wouldn't know that there were any if consulting the 1;25,000 map because, strangely, there's no pub symbol shown. They are well and truly there though and I can recommend The Red Lion and The Sun.

Images: Warkworth Castle and Alnworth Bay.


J_on_tour said...

Did you walk on the beach between Warkworth and Alnmouth. I'm supposed be leading a walk soon depending on the weather up there. Still haven't had a chance to go and check if there's a footpath behind the sand. I'm familiar with the exit point into Alnmouth.

Unknown said...

J: I walked through the sand dunes along the good public footath and then bridleway from Warkworth to a point immediately north of the rocks at Birling Carrs. From there along the beach to Alnmouth. The map shows and the guide book describes a bridleway through the sand dunes beyond Birling Carrs but I didn't use the southern end of it. I didn't know what you know - that I could get tantalisingly close to Alnmouth but not cross the esturary safely, which I had made my way to because rights of way are shown crossing it. I had to back track over Church Hill to (easily) find the bridleway which leads to the cycle track and its roundabout route into Alnmouth.


Book said...

I am constantly amazed at how beautiful the world is through your pictures!!

Unknown said...

Book: Kind of you to say so - Thank You.