Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cumbria Bound

It’s a grand feeling to have a holiday to look forward to - especially when it’s one where, with a pack on your back and some money in your pocket you’ll be self-contained so that, within reason, you will have the freedom to wander. And so it is for me; I have a week off at the end of the month when I’ll be Cumbria bound.

Two weeks before departure, I packed last night and my backpack weighed in at less than 20lbs. That weight includes food and water allowing 14oz/400g for snacks. So I’m feeling pretty chuffed about that too.

New items in my wintry/springy luggage include: the Terra Nova Laser Competition tent which I (easily) erected in the garden for the first time at the weekend; the Terra Nova Laser Groundsheet Protector which Terra Nova list as 170g but which my scales record as 130g (A sweet shop in Bedford confirmed that weight for me on their scales after I had bought a quarter of their Edinburgh Rock) so, for peace of mind, I have to check that out with Terra Nova; and a posh new Paramo Cascada jacket which I hope will keep me dry. The long range weather forecast for the Lake District the week that I will be there is “quite wet and windy”. Surprise, surprise!

Yes. It’s a grand feeling.


Alan Sloman said...

"swwetshops in Bedford", eh? So how is the diet going?

That's an impressive kit list. No camera this time? Or will your camera be doing that job?

Martin Rye said...

Nice kit and good plan. Have a good week up there.

Unknown said...

Good questions Alan.

Weight - that's the thing. I'll just say that I'm having more luck with my backpack than my stomach pack. Setteeless, food is my friend ....

The thought of leaving the camera behind and relying on my phone is troubling. So it is first reserve to join me if I can save a few ounces elsewhere.


Unknown said...


Thanks. Room for improvement in my kit and your blog/reviews inspires.

Regards, Brian

GeoffC said...

Very good spreadsheet there Brian, and a great kit selection. The only thing I would leave out is that groundsheet protector, the LaserComp is a lot tougher than it looks.
Is teh phone charger a must?. My phone battery will last a fortnight easily, but then again it's off normally - I just phone home briefly a few times a day on a solo trip.

I agree about body weight, the heaviest item of all is you!.

Unknown said...

Thanks Geoff - you've pointed me in the right direction.

I will leave out the phone charger on my upcoming trip (will need it on C2C in Aug though because phone won't last the longer course whilst blogging).

After some soul searching I conceed that keeping my brand new Laser Comp clean is the true motivation for the groundsheet potector. Leaving it and the charger behind may allow my camera to come along. I'll decide tonight during final revision of kit list.

Cheers, Brian