Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Lake District - Monday 22nd

Cumbria Coastal Way - Ravenglass to St Bees (14+ miles)

If all today's good bits were entered into a competition then the outright winner would be my Brasher Superlite GTX boots. They kept my feet dry, cushioned and comfortable over, in and under most surface conditions that could be encountered. No hotspots, sores or worse. And I never felt the need to rest awhile to air my feet with boots off - almost a routine on other walks with other boots.

The Cumbria Coastal Way heads inland north of Ravenglass and at other points along its course. The route, when it is on the beach, is over large pebbles when the tide is coming in so it's hard work. It was almost high tide as I approached Nethertown where I was forced to scamble over large boulders coming a cropper several times, falling on the slippery rock. The final couple of miles were along country roads during a brief sunny spell which raised my spirts and dried me out.

St Bees wouldn't win any prizes judged on my first impressions of it. It looked grim when compared with its counterpart Robin Hood's Bay at the other end of The Coast to Coast Walk which I aim to complete in the Summer. The unkempt railway stations didn't impress me either but the train ride back to Ravenglass did - after a 7+ hour walk (stopping for a pot of tea at Seascale), I was returned in 30 minutes.


Alan Sloman said...

You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din! (I hate coastal walking!)

The train ride back sounds dandy though!

Unknown said...

A good training ground though you must admit with a potential for good fish n chips along the way.