Thursday, 18 February 2010

4 Million Steps

Extra physical exercise in preparation for my Coast to Coast trek has only really consisted of the odd walk to and from work so far this year. Lazily, I have found reasons to avoid the gym and swimming pool; “It’s school half term so I’ll be fighting for space in the pool.” is this week’s pathetic excuse. Next week though - for sure!

Earlier excuses have included the cold weather – mind you, it has been a memorably cold winter. I’m shamed though when I read about others who aren’t put off by the elements. One such is Chris Wilkinson who took the first of his 4 million steps this week when he set off on his walk around the English coastline. I love it when I can follow someone else’s adventure as part of my daily routine and he, for me, is the first of the season.

Good luck Chris, and thanks. You’ve given me the necessary shove in the right direction and a reminder that I need to get busy in the gym and pool.

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Alan Sloman said...

Thanks for that link Brian - Looks like an interesting blog.