Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Peak District - Saturday

Holly was reluctant to leave the pub this evening, or rather, once out she wanted back in again. It was blowing a gale with lots of water in it. I was of the same mind as her but it was time to go and our campsite was a 20 minute walk away.

You'll not want to hear about the weather but it has dominated the day so I have to mention it. It's been all kinds of wet.

Despite that, my thoughts while walking today have revolved around the potential for a long distance walk through this area. It's beautiful walkng country. I'll need a more suitable tent though so I was thinking about that too.

"Footpath" beside/in the River Wye

Tonight however, given the weather, it was a comfort when leaving the pub to know that we were walking back to a campervan rather than a small tent.


Alan Sloman said...

Do you mean more suitable for you & Holly, Brian?

Shirl (Peewiglet) is currently doing a round of the Wainwrights with her Border Terrier - Piglet - and she's using an Akto as it gives her a little more space compared to a Laser Comp.

Unknown said...

Me mainly Alan.

Laser Comp and Akto (in that order) are top of my shortlist at the moment. I'll catch up with the excellent Shirl & Piglet's blog and website now that you mention it.