Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Cleveland Way - Day 6

11 August 2009

Robin Hood's Bay to Scarborough - 15 miles

For both of us, this is the best coastal section of The Cleveland Way. A number of factors combine to make it so. We are fitter now so negotiating the couple of steep climbs before and the long haul over, Ravenscar to the half way point at Hayburn Wyke is not difficult. The route is clear so no need for stops to consult a map. The path surface is easy on the feet and the views are far reaching, especially today with the fine weather. In all, We can direct our attention to each other and our surroundings.

Looking back (North) from Ravenscar

In clear weather, Scarborough can be identified early on - it's castle a dominant feature on the skyline. As we crossed the bridge at Scalby Mill, on to the Promenade, it was as if we had become the tourist attraction; two sunburnt hikers out of place next to the sandy beach.

This is the end of our journey and this has been a brief account of it along with a few of my thoughts. We, of course, know the full story and will keep it in memory for a long time to come.

When I get back to my computer (Sunday) I'll write a final piece, edit where necessary and add some photos. I think I'll be ready to start planning my next walk then.


Alan Sloman said...

Well done to you both

No worries then Brian! All the effort of preparation was well worth it. It sounds like you had a pretty good time.

So - where next then?

Unknown said...

I had a very good time thank you Alan. Your interest, encouragement and advice was
invaluable - many thanks again.

I'm spoilt for choice of course but a walk in The Lake District, in colder weather, is top of my list at the moment.