Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Cleveland Way - Day 3

8 August 2009

Battersby Moor to Saltburn - 17 miles

Coffee in bed this morning. With fresh milk too! Bryn had secretly carried a pint of it as a surpise treat. There was plenty left over to mix with our porridge before we set off this morning as well.

There was no rush to leave as we were hoping to arrive in Kildale to find the village shop open on arrival. It wasn't but we didn't have long to wait. Then, with more water and a few snacks on board we were off on an already very hot day.

There were a lot of other walkers around today. Remarkable, I thought, to see whole families including young children on such long walks, and refreshingly nice to have friendly conversations with others along our way.

Highcliff Nab - Overlooking Guisborough with the North Sea in the distance

We are in a B&B now after a good days walk on another hot dry day. Washed, laundry done, fed and watered, and looking forward, after a good night's rest, to the start of our walk down the coast tomorrow.


Alan Sloman said...

It sounds like everything is going swimmingly - How are the feet?

Unknown said...

Hi Alan. Feet much improved. Regular stops to air & cool them down. Vaseline applied once to not spot as advised which worked its magic successfully. Best wishes, Brian