Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pick Up Thy Map And Walk

Map reading has been a particular challenge for me this year but recent events will make it easier in the future. Things are looking good - quite literally.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed as having a cataract in my right eye. I was informed that vision in that eye would gradually deteriorate and increasingly be affected by glare. I had all of that. The symptoms were exacerbated by the need for a new prescription for my spectacles. An eye test for new specs would have to wait though until after the surgery which would eventually be required to remove the cataract.

As with any surgery there is a risk so the quack makes a judgement, balancing the risk attached to the surgery and the worsening state of the cataract. My name was eventually entered on to The Waiting List four months ago, I had the surgery one month ago and today I was given the all clear. Truly, it was a wonderful thing – within hours of the surgery I could see clearly again through that eye. I will still need spectacles (although a lesser prescription and I’m finding not all of the time) but post-operation it’s as if a curtain has been drawn.

At the pre-operation check up a few months ago I was informed that a cataract was forming in the left eye which rather took the shine off my good news because I expected a 2–3 year delay before it would be dealt with. Vision is already significantly blurred. However, today my name was placed on The Waiting List so I can now expect an operation in 2-3 months to draw back that curtain.

The magnifying glass, which I have been carrying, and which I hadn’t declared on my kit list, is now confined to my desk drawer - redundant.


Alan Sloman said...

Woo Hoo!
Well done that man.

The future's bright etc etc.

Unknown said...

Thanks Alan.

Your "etc etc." I'll resist the urge ..


Martin Rye said...

I hope it all gets sorted soon Brian and your sight is fixed. Fingers crossed for you.

Unknown said...

Thanks Martin - kind of you to say so.