Thursday, 31 December 2009

All's Well That Ends Well ...

... in the context of: We have few concerns if things turn out well in the end. Perhaps that was William Shakespeare’s point too. [Methinks - on 3/1/10: That a natural law of nature was at work here - That one's point of view is inversely proportionate to the measures of brandy consumed, as long as the temperature remains constant.]

31st December – a magical date. And a day this year when I can claim that 2009 has been good to me overall. The backpacking highlights include walking The Cumbria Way and then walking part of The Cleveland Way with my son Bryn. Next year I aim to walk The Coast to Coast during two weeks of the Summer. Shortly before that I plan to complete my fitness training with 5 days backpacking – in Wales possibly.

I cannot end the year without mentioning Alan Sloman. I didn’t see his name in the New Years Honours list (for outstanding achievement and service to walkers – by way of encouragement to others etc). So I will include him in my Honours List. And I should like to wish him and everyone else that reads this occasional blog a very Happy New Year.

My training for the Coast to Coast starts tomorrow. Or possibly the day after.

Cheers .....


Alan Sloman said...

Hi there Brian

I have just caught up with your blog after a two-week layoff down in the west country.

What a lovely mention! Thank you. I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and your quite magnificent transformation to a seasoned back-packer!

I am looking forward to hearing so much more this year. How about thinking about the TGO Challenge for 2011? You should cope well with it and it is a real challenge with like-minded walkers who all help you get through it.

All the very best for 2010,

Unknown said...

TGO - Hmmm! Food for thought indeed.