Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Brasher Supalite GTX

Boots (footwear, not the chemist) have been on my mind as well as on and off my feet for a while now. Brasher Supalite GTX boots to be precise.

Although they are probably the most comfortable boots that I’ve ever worn, I’m cautious about giving them the five stars that they may well deserve just yet. I wore them on my recent trip to the Peak District and have been wearing them locally on walks of up to 6 miles but that hasn’t demanded much of them. I was almost as pleased with my North Face Hedgehog GTX XCR’s when first wearing them but that verdict turned out to be a bit previous. At less than a year old and without any real workouts the one on the left foot lets water in now. Judging by the reviews I have read then I was probably unlucky and my Hedgehogs weren’t quite right when I bought them.

The Brasher Supalites are just that – super light and very comfy. My size 10s weigh in at 1220 grams (2lbs 11oz). They look, well, errr, normal or near traditional perhaps - boring even. But the spongy feel with each step is just what the soles of my feet, which are prone to soreness, need.

I’ll reserve judgment until after my next backpacking long distance walk. I don’t know when that will be but that’s been on mind a lot recently too.


Alan Sloman said...

I found them quite abroad fit but loved the idea of them - just wish they were made for a narrow foot.

Unknown said...

Yes - they are roomy which adds to the comfort. Perhaps that helps spread the load too.

Unknown said...

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