Sunday, 6 September 2009


The proposed Bank Holiday Weekend coastal walk didn’t come off. Events and a shortage of time conspired to keep us at home. There hasn’t been time this weekend either mainly because jobs at home have to take priority. So the proposal is still on my To Do List.

My computer died on the Bank Holiday Weekend. Recently upgraded with a new power supply, increased RAM and an extra hard drive it was bad timing at the very least for it to conk out. No amount of tickling its insides would produce anything more that spinning fans. The predicament was which to replace - the remaining old bits of the PC or the whole computer. After much deliberation I decided, reluctantly, that I would have to fork out for a new one and here I am back on-line at last.

I would never have believed just how much I have come to depend on a computer at home and how much I would miss it when one wasn’t available. I was a lost soul – backpackless in the dark. Normal service is returned now though. I just have to get on top of the garden and housework.

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