Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The Happy Wanderer

Sure signs that a long distance walk is in the offing: an occasionally cracked face as a smile appears uncontrollably and without apparent reason (“Ooo, ‘ee looks really ‘appy!”), a spring in my step, a sprong in my heart - "Val-deri, Val-dera, Val-deri, Val-dera-ha-ha….", and maps spread out on my table.

All are evident. Evidence, if needed, that I will be happily wandering soon. Next month actually when I plan to walk The Cumbria Way trail. OK - so it’s not a Polar crossing but it’s my version of a demanding trek with a knapsack on my back as final preparation for The Cleveland Way.

Knees and feet “Live long and prosper” (“Dif-tor heh smusma” in Vulcan). Gallons of Lake District rain & pints of bitter. I can’t wait.

The maps are out

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