Thursday, 3 February 2011

Norfolk - Day 2 Morning

I'm not keen on Ready Brek for breakfast at home, yet love it when camping/campervaning. Sometimes it's best not to closely examine why you enjoy things - even the smaller issues in life such as Ready Brek. It's best just to enjoy, which I did this morning - twice, with two helpings of hot sweet Ready Brek for breakfast.

That was preceeded by coffee - something else I prefer when outdoors; I start my day with tea at home. Lyons do "Original Blend Fresh Ground Coffee in a One-Cup Bag". Even opening the green foil bag is a joy as the aroma escapes.

We're going to walk along The Peddars Way today. It's an easy to follow straight-line route where I expect to enjoy, but not think too deeply about, the little things.


Tilly said...

I was wondering the other day why I was enjoying walking in the pouring rain when at home I don't even want to stick my head out of bed when it's raining! I guess it must be the same things as with your Ready Brek.

Unknown said...

It's as well you like the rain Tilly, given that you enjoy walking in this country.

Just seen your Derwent Dam blog post (good post btw) - must have been damp that day.