Thursday, 3 February 2011

Norfolk - Day 2, Later

Ironic, I thought, as I marched peacefully through the forest, that it should be to the accompaniment of the sounds of war. I was at ease though; the small arms fire and explosions erupting on the nearby military training areas wasn't directed at me, and the RAF Tornadoes roaring overhead only LOOKED fearsome.

What was/is disturbing me though is the government's "consultation" on the sale of forests, and the pathetic cut & paste reply I had received from my MP (picked up as an e-mail on my phone during my forest manoeuvres). None of the questions I had asked him regarding the sale had been answered so I guess, like most with peaceful intentions, I'll have to reluctantly prepare for battle.

Image 1: Topical poster.
Image 2: Snowdrops, for me, signify the real start of the new year.
Image 3: Doggy Hell in Watton.
Image 4: Doggy Heaven in Watton.


Alan Sloman said...

Were you honestly surprised at the response from your MP?

They only get off their arses if their is an election.

QDanT said...

is this the one ?
maybe the 25% off offer photo #3 was to good to miss and
Hardly ever rebels against their party in this parliament. from
It doesn't matter who you vote for the government always get in ! My Teddy said that
cheers Danny

Unknown said...

Alan - You're right, I should have known. And they have the nerve to call themselves "Honourable Gentlemen/Ladies" ...

Danny - That's the one.

QDanT said...

Here's another

Tilly said...

I'm sure you didn't expect any real answers, they are only pretending to do what's best for the country in reality they're just out for what they can get for themselves.

Unknown said...

Tilly - I won't tar all with the same brush but I did have high hopes/give my MP a chance. Regrettably he's not impressing me. Three e-mails questions to him; one hit, one disappointment, one no reply.