Friday, 16 April 2010

Jeepers Peepers

My blog is a platform for wittering about walking and subjects related to it but today I divert your attention to another matter; an update on my peepers - eyes.

I mentioned them in November last year following an operation to have a cataract removed from my right eye. That was a great success and a revelation. It was like having a curtain drawn to give a clear view from that eye. However, my vision was still impaired by a cataract forming in the left eye. So my name was placed on a waiting list for an operation to resolve that issue.

The operation was successfully carried out on Wednesday. Vision through that eye is still slightly blurred but the indications are that when it settles down it will be as good as the other one.

It's all good news, as it seems likely that I won't have to wear spectacles full-time from now on; just when reading - or consulting a map.


Alan Sloman said...

That must be a huge relief for you Brian - a whole new world is out there!

Martin Rye said...

it is nice to read some good news.

Unknown said...

True story Alan.

Even better news Martin - I just bought (temporary) off-the-peg reading glasses. £9.99 weighing in at 10 grams.