Monday, 11 May 2009

The excitement is back

The excitement that I felt whilst prepararing for my first long distance walk (The Cleveland Way) many years ago was accompanied, naturally enough, by a feeling of apprehension. I was setting off on a great adventure. Would I be capable of completing the course? The same excitement was always resuscitated during the build up to subsequent long distance walks and it is with me now. The apprehension was not long-lived after embarking upon that first walk but it has returned. It has been a while since I have walked 15+ miles a day so I'm not sure how well I can cope. The mind is willing but I have yet to see if the body is still able. "You'll be alright!" I hear you say - well the kinder folk out there will be saying that.

I'll have some idea later this month of what I'm capable of when I take a two day walk in southern England, and then a better idea in July when I spend a week in the north-west. "I'll be alright!" I hear myself saying.

Later this month I plan to walk a small section of The North Downs Way - fifteen plus miles in one direction (staying overnight at Bed & Breakfast accommodation) and then walking back to my start point the following day. More about that in a later blog.

In July I aim to spend a week in The Lake District. I'm spoilt for choice on where to go of course but the general idea is to find a demanding, continuous route (camping & Bed & Breakfast). More about that in a later blog (as well as blogs en route) too.

Three sets of excitement. I hope I can cope with that as well.

My Weight: 5 - 11 May -1lb. Since 9 Mar (9 wks) -18lbs.

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