Sunday, 26 January 2014

Dreaming in Hayfield, High Peak

An aim this year is to walk a couple of long distance trails. But because I've become used to local strolls, preparation will  have to include increasingly longer walks to improve fitness. Best get to it I thought. But at the same time, no need to overdo it. Break myself in gently perhaps. And why not begin by dreaming about what I aim to do - and do the hard part later.

And that is what I have mostly been doing this past week - dreaming. Whilst making sure I wasn’t wet, cold, hot, tired, thirsty or hungry during the process - all part of what I can expect later this year if my backpacking dreams and plans come true!

I have just spent a week in cosy Jumble Cottage, Hayfield, Derbyshire. If you want a peaceful place (for one or two) to dream or a base where the hills are just yards away, or both, then I can recommend it as a good spot to stay. And Hayfield, which sits below Kinder Plateau, ticked all the right boxes for me.

Luckily, the weather was kind so I was able to combine some dreaming with walking, mostly after setting out each day along Snake Path heading for Kinder Scout.

 Middle Moor - view north east toward Kinder Plateau

Kinder Reservoir from Snake Path

White Brow where Snake Path leads NE to The Pennine Way


Alan Sloman said...

Good luck with your walks, Brian

Which trails are you thinking of, Sir?

Unknown said...

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your good wishes. Trust you are well or mending if not mended.

North, along The Pennine Way for sure. But in relaxed mode, meaning very little pre-booked accommodation and no planned daily sections. Aiming for flexibility to go as far as I please each day over a 21 day period.

And a three week coastal walk (not your cup of tea as I recall). Yet to decide but most likely part of the South West Way checking out some of those beers you tempted us with when on your LEJOG.

Howellsey said...

Kinder is my "go to" hill! Hayfield is lovely too :-)

Unknown said...


I plan to return to Hayfield in April, when the campsite re-opens.