Monday, 7 May 2012

More of the same - Fri 4 to Sun 6 May 2012

Friday: Upped Sticks and walking poles and moved from the Keswick Camping Site to the Camping and Caravan Club's Troutbeck Site (off the A66 between Keswick and Penrith). In between an exploration of Penrith sampling some of its delights; tea, cake, soup and bitter.

Saturday: Trudged across boggy (bridleway impassable in wet weather the sign at Lobbs warns) Threlkeld Common, then east along the Old Coach Road to Dockray, then northwest through forestry commission land back to campsite (12-14 miles?)

Saddleback/Blencathra (from Threlkeld Common)

Sunday: To Saddleback (or Blencathra if you prefer) via Scales Tarn. There's an unmapped, well-used path from the west side of the tarn to the summit - the Sharp Edge is too scary a route for me. It was snowing from the tarn to the summit! Returned via the same route but stopping off at the White Horse Inn, Scales for refreshments.

Sharp Edge (from Scales Tarn)


The Camping Trail said...

All I can say is brrrrrr. It still looks cold from where I am sitting. It looks fun and cool though. I hope you get to enjoy more trips outside come winter. Not sure how one manages to enjoy the chill in the air that time.

The Camping Trail said...

I am wondering about the temperature. Is already cold out in the area right now? With winter around, will this place be transformed to snowy plains and hills?