Sunday, 19 June 2011

Dartmoor - Day 1

Today's was a simple plan; reveille 04:00, chocks away 05:15, breakfast at daughter and family's house in Surrey (and drop off Holly) at 07:00, head to Devon for lunch, then devise next plan. And here I sit, mission accomplished, in the Grampervan, 330 miles later, at a campsite on the edge of Dartmoor, dogless, poised ready for inaction.

All is well in my world. The lingering taste of the Fry's Chocolate Orange Cream (a Father's Day gift from daughter) is about to be swamped by Courvoisier as I contemplate tomorrow's devilishly simple plan; get up, get ready, go for a walk.

The best plans are the simplest plans.

Image: River Tavy, Tavistock


QDanT said...

have a good un !
cheers Danny

Anonymous said...

I said we should have looked after that Fry's chocolate bar for you!

Happy walking,
Love Lynn and family